Place your birds in a double plastic bags or a large zip lock bag and keep frozen until shipping!  Be sure to wrap the legs of your bird in wet paper towel and secure with a twist tie.  Also, wrap the bill or beak with wet paper towel where it meets the feathers.

When shipping to me, just place the plastic bagged bird into a box with insulation (if you have it laying around R-13) bubble wrap or loose newspaper to both insulate and protect your bird during shipment! (Tip-Use as small as box as possible to save money)

ALWAYS ship out UPS or Fed Ex on Mondays, next day air to insure no layovers.   You may ship 2 day during colder months.  Make sure your bird is frozen when you ship it!  I will notify you buy either phone or email when your bird arrives.

All birds mush have the hunters full name, hunting license number, address, date of kill, county, state and signature.  This information MUST accompany your birds.  Just attach a tag to the leg of your bird with this info!  For a printable tag  just CLICK HERE!

Also, please fill out a work order for your bird(s).  Please include this with your bird and tag.  For a printable work order, please download the PDF file HERE!


Bufflehead Duck being shipped out to a client in Florida!.