Prices 2019


Prices for birds sent to my studio are as follows:

Ducks-$350 (Standing) / $375 (Flying)

Wood Ducks & Hooded Mergansers-$360 (Standing) / $375 (Flying)

White Winged Scoters-$385 (Standing) / $410 (Flying)

Eiders-Kings, Commons & Pacific's-$450 (Standing) / $475 (Flying)

Geese-Snows, Blues, Ross, Whitefront, Cackler, Hutch, Brant-$450 (Standing) / $475 (Flying)

Geese-Canada's 8lb's & up-$600 (Standing) / $700 (Flying)

Pheasants-$350 (Standing) / $375 (Flying)

Grouse, Quail, Partridge-$325 (Standing or Flying)

Prairie Chickens-$375 (Standing) / $400 (Flying)

(Add $75 for eye combs & air sacs on grouse & p. chickens)

**Add $50 dollars for all open mouth mounts!**

 *** Birds that need to be shipped to your address, there is a minimum creating and shipping fee of $100***



Prices include bird on driftwood, and any pose you desire. *Deluxe habitat (Water scenes, Snow scenes, Ice scenes, Marsh scenes, Field scenes, etc.) is also available at additional cost!  (Examples below) Prices start at an extra $150 dollars.  Glass Case mounts with single bird start at $900 plus bird.  Please contact me for an estimate. 


I no longer require a deposit.  Once your bird is in cue to be mounted, you will be contacted and some form of payment will be do.  Your bird will then be ready inside of a month and a 1/2.  


Payment method:

Money Order, Cash or Personal Check

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Base & Habitat Ideas


Executive Glass Case

Snow, ice, molded rocks & habitat.  Only the best specimens should be used.


Glass Case Swimming

Water, ice, molded rocks & habitat.  Again, only the best specimens should be used.


Metal Reeds

Metal reeds.  I have several options.  You can incorporate a marsh or water scene.


Barnwood Shadow Box

IA great way to show off dead mounts


Custome earth base on a panel

Can be customized to whatever habitat best fits your bird.


Wall mount on driftwood with panel

Nice way to have a standing mount, but keeping it on the wall.


Mount on standard driftwood

This comes standard at no charge on all mounts.